Graphic design trends are in a constant state of flux. While trends come and go, various new technologies come into existence to change the way we adapt to new design styles and trends.

It is always best to clearly understand where the future of the industry is heading. And learning about the upcoming trends is a good way of staying ahead of the curve, and allowing graphic designers to create compelling and modern designs.

As designers you need to fill your content campaigns and calendar with strong visuals, the upcoming trends will be highly useful. Some of these trends relate to logo designs too. You can experiment with the new trend with free tools like FreeLogoCreator, where you can create whatever you need in the forthcoming months.
This article will list down the top graphic trends which you need to look out for in 2023. Let’s get started.

1. Custom Brand Visuals
Last year, the trend of illustrations and custom photos in web design witnessed a considerable rise in popularity. From minimal flat images to full-blown photo collages, graphic designers search for authentic ways to integrate this trend this year. This is because such designs retain the audience’s interest in their designs.
This technique of branding style is popularly known for its uniqueness, which essentially helps in boosting brand recognition like it has been used by Headspace here, a meditation app website. On the other hand, the illustrations and custom photos can even help brands to stand out from the rest. While there is so much noise on the internet, businesses should adhere to practical ways of standing out.

2. Pattern-Based Design
The year 2021-2 has indeed been focused on flat design. So, this year, we are expecting a drastic shift toward artistic design. And that is the reason why we are looking out for pattern-based designs in particular. Patterns can provide vibrancy to graphic design and enable graphic designers to unleash their creative side in the most usual product designs.

3. 90s Nostalgia

Christian Post
The popular Netflix series Stranger Things successfully brought back 80s nostalgia into the mainstream. This retro comeback was undoubtedly fascinating in an era of neon colors, gothic serifs, and vaporwave landscapes.

However, in 2022, the 90s nostalgia has made a successful landing yet again. This graphic technique has been effectively romanticized in the Netflix film – The Fear Street Trilogy as well.

4. 80’s Theme Styles
Ever since 2010, retro and vintage designs have remained the most defining trends in graphic design. And it doesn’t look like it will alter anytime soon. While surroundings inspire, graphic designers from the eighties will particularly turn to that era for particular ideas.
This means you’ll also witness lots of ’80s-themed graphic design projects this year. So basically, you can expect in-your-face designs, Tron-friendly neons and darks, and an overarching nostalgic aura.

5. Inclusive Visuals

It is probably an important visual branding trend in 2023 that will break all barriers. This is basically about considering people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, and orientation.

This trend is crucial as it has deliberately brought numerous groups’ faces into focus. However, businesses should also be striving to make several people feel as represented as possible. It is also invaluable for market research purposes.

6. Daydream Doodles

Doodles mean much more than meaningless shapes drawn on the walls and the backside of your notebook. Even though these drawings are immensely personal, graphic designers are making the best use of their abstract mindscape.

This graphic design trend can essentially bridge the gap between the human touch and digital tools. Further, it can efficiently help in creating approachable designs.

7. Creative Typography

The illustrative typography is set to shake up the entire design world, particularly in graphic design. And for this trend, imagination is probably the most vital asset. Graphic designers combine creative typography with other significant aspects.

No wonder the marvelous combination of design and art can essentially create eye-pleasing and informative headlines.

8. Neon Backgrounds

The trend of background colors changes every year. Everything is trending, from bold colors to pastel shades to neon colors. Thus, these bright and bold colors are taking over the branding landscape of almost every business including website design.

They aim to create a background that doesn’t look too distracting and busy. Neon backgrounds are making a remarkable comeback in brand visuals.

9. Parametric Patterns
Patterns are regarded as a mainstay of graphic design. They are highly useful for breaking up solid colors while adding visual interest to a background. And in 2023, graphic designers are bringing forth statement patterns through parametric geometry.

It consists of intricate geometric structures where each line morphs depending on their relative positions. Also, the style is based on certain graphs of parametric equations.

To Conclude

It is no secret that there has been a considerable shift from some technical options in graphic design since last year. There has been a return to artisan methods, including food, coffee, crafts, and more. Besides, there has been a shift from polished photography to a more significant number of real-world snaps and illustrations. And while all of us strive for authentic designs, hand-drawn designs still fit perfectly into this realm.