1. Log into your Hetzner Account or KonsoleH account by going to
  2. Under Services, click on the domain name / hosting account in
  3. On the left, under “Domain details”,  choose “Manage Services”.change-a-record
  4. Under “Manage Services”, click on “Manage DNS”.manage-dns
  5. On the top of the page you will find the A Records. If you want to direct the website to say a WIX site or Shopify, You will only need to change the @ and the www records. Keep the email record unchanged.  If say you want to direct the entire website hosting to another host, you are going to have to change the @, www and email records. In this particular case we only want to redirect the domain to a Shopify website and keep the email. Thus we only need to change the www and @ record.

    Remember   an  @  record is also sometimes referred to as just an ”  .   “

    This what you should see


  6. Enter your new IP address in the @ Destination box and click update.  Do the same to the www Destinationchanged-dns-record
  7. Log out
  8. Remember that it can take a few hours for the DNS to update.

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