Submit an hourly work request

Please note:

  • We charge for a minimum of x1 hour’s work
  • If the work required exceeds R1000, it will be communicated to you before we proceed
  • Please note that the payment is due before the delivery of the project, except when agreed upon otherwise
  • Invoice: Invoice will be sent when the job has been completed. We will deliver the final product when payment has been made. Should the project take longer than 3 weeks, you will be invoiced for work done to date at the end of each month until the project has been completed.
This is an agreement for small projects that either does not require an estimate or is for rush jobs when there is no time to generate quotes & estimates

Hourly Rates & Price Tiers

Ad Hoc (For work done outside of a package)

Support: R300
Content Support & Website Content Changes: R300
Design (graphic & web): R400
Rush Job Design fees: R600
WordPress services: R400
Development: R600
Video Editing & Animation: R500
Search Engine Optimization: R750
Social Media Management: R400
Meetings: R300
Consultations: R800
Online Businesses & E-marketing Consultations: R1000
Online Business & Strategy Coaching: R1000
General Admin: R100

Tips: To keep design costs low, plan ahead and book your time with us in advance. That way we can plan properly and also deliver a better product.

Rush Jobs: Please make sure that we have all we need to complete this task/project before submitting this form