How It Works


In 8 simple steps, we will show you how our graphic design process goes.


Ideas, Goals & Budget



You can have a look at our Portfolio. We have some great examples of our previous work, that will give you an idea of our style and level of design!

For pricing, please have a look at our Price Guide OR hourly rates here.


Touch Base



Tell us about your Project 😉
Email us: Or give us a call: 072 660 7218.
You can also fill out the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Feel free to ask questions, we’ll be happy to explain.





This a must-do before we actually start designing!
Please read, sign & submit the SLA agreement. Kindly take a look at the Estimate, once you give us the OK, a final Invoice will be sent to you. Please read, sign & submit the Service Agreement. For smaller projects, we’ll send you an hourly rate agreement.

Please note: the 50% deposit payment is compulsory if the estimate exceeds R4000.



Content Gathering



Share the Final Content for the needed design on the Dropbox folder we have created for you. The contents include Page-by-Page Text, Pictures, Contact information, Logo’s etc. No worries, we will guide you through this process if you have any uncertainties.

Please note: This usually takes up the most time, but as soon as we are done with this we’ll start designing!


Design Away!



As soon as we have all of the correct information and files, we’ll start designing right away.

Did you choose our Starter Package? The final product will be delivered to you soon.




Time for some feedback. Tell us your likes & your dislikes. The more info we get from you the better.
IMPORTANT: Please take the time to compile all of your changes into ONE document. We don’t want to miss anything OR exceed our time limit/your budget.
We’ll send you the Final design with your changes for approval shortly.


Final Payment



We’ll send you the balance invoice. As soon as receive the payment we can move on to the next step. 🙂





We will deliver the Final, Print-ready files to you.

Thank you for a Great Project. Hope to work with you again soon!  😀